Can’t decide if i’m great at being an introvert or bad at being an extrovert.

I’d like more real life friends, but somehow end up spending my evenings on Tumblr eating jelly.

So, yeah, I’m polyamorous.. I’m with a guy who is personally monogamous, but fine with the fact i’m not, and I’m going through life right now, open to the possibility of a second, loving relationship. I’m not ashamed, and since the people involved are/would be consenting, i literally do not see the big deal. I’m only putting it here now because i plan on blogging more content about it.

If you have questions, then feel free to ask them. I don’t bite (insert double entendre here). If you want your message kept private: say so, or i’ll publish the answer.

Oh, and a shout out to FullMarriageEquality for inspiring me to stand up for myself and others who are denied full expression of ourselves for no good reason.

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